Welcome to PT. Aneka Kakao

PT. Aneka Kakao was established in 2014 as a cocoa powder manufacturer in East Java, Indonesia. Our core business is manufacturing high-quality cocoa powder products and providing excellent services to our business partners.

We offer various ranges of cocoa powder, from natural, light alkalized, medium to heavy alkalized. With years of professional expertise and experience in the cocoa industry allow us to be the trusted supplier to various food & beverage industries worldwide.

With integrated manufacturing and advanced Research and Development process, we continuously develop and provide high quality products to meet the broad range market demand.

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Quality Assurance

We are committed to provide high quality to ensure our customers requirements and satisfactions.

Certified Manufacturer

PT Aneka Kakao has been certified with Halal & Kosher to ensure quality.

Assistance & Support

As a manufacturer, we care and appreciate our business partners by offering high quality products and also assistance and support.